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Healthier bodies provide healthier living workshops FREE of charge. These workshops are to teach others to empower individuals with truth, knowledge and solutions to achieving a healthier body for optimum health.  We teach others how to use foods to heal their bodies, with the nutrients our bodies needs to function.  

 In order for us to do a Community Garden Project we need to buy some land, build elevated gardens for elder accessibility and create opportunities for older volunteers, children and those that are willing to contribute their time and knowledge to grow nutritious foods and socialize with one another.    

A Teaching Community Garden creates a cross-generational knowledge to younger community members. Gardening is a beautiful way to engage people of all ages including those who are disabled to have an opportunity to engage in some form of physical activity and quality time outdoors. 

Researchers have found that aging and medication can bring physiological changes that affect appetite, sense of taste, smell and the ability to chew and shallow. The gardening and harvesting of a variety of garden fresh foods; may be the step that creates new enthusiasm for eating amongst older people and our younger generation. 

As the body ages, physical activity reduces and the metabolism slows down.  Older people still need important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The community garden will provide the nutrients that are in the foods that will be grown. Such as beans, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, spinach and carrots to name a few. 

 Community garden volunteers will learn how to plant, weed and harvest the gardens. Learn to process vegetables for easy chewing and swallowing. Learn long term food storage, canning and other methods of preserving food. Pulling weeds, watering, harvesting and gardening may meet the requirements of moderate physical activity. As people age the experience is diminished physical strength, arthritis, limited mobility or other physical challenges to gardening activities. Leading health professionals recommend that adults accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity each day and children/adolescents should accumulate 60 minutes each day. Combined accessibility to our gardens for people of all ages and physical activity is our priorities in helping our community achieve optimal health.  

Healthier Bodies accepts cash or planned gifts you can choose a 

Memorial gift as a lasting tribute to a departed loved one. Notice of your

 gift will be sent to the family without the amount mentioned.

Donate a gift in honor of another’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary or 

as a promotional gift, by contributing to the Eli Lloyd Henderson 

Remembrance Rose Garden.  


Donor Tax Advantage IRS allows deductions to qualify donors of charitable gifts. These charitable contributions should be discussed with your tax or legal advisor. 


Community Health Improvement Fund


In keeping with our mission ; to empower individuals with truth, knowledge and solutions to achieving a healthier body for optimum health.  The Board of Directors at Healthier Bodies is committed to improving our community’s health. One way to achieve our goal is to improve our community resources. Healthier Bodies has established a Community Health Improvement Fund to support, fund and implement resources and activities such as: mental health, nutrition classes, Adult and Teen weight management and fitness and behavioral health. 


This fund was established to provide financial support for those that want to improve the health of people in this State. The purpose of Community Health improvement policy and leadership is: Healthier Bodies is committed to supporting, funding and implementing collaborative community health improvement projects that improve the health status of the people we serve.