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Our mission; “To empower individuals with truth, knowledge and solutions to achieving a healthier body for optimum health.”  The Board of Directors at Healthier Bodies is committed to improving our community’s health. One way to achieve our goal is to improve our community resources. Healthier Bodies has established a Community Health Improvement Fund to support, fund and implement resources and activities such as: counseling, plant based nutrition classes, gardening classes, adult and teen weight management with fitness and behavioral health. 

As a non-profit we accept donations; Tax Advantage IRS allows deductions to qualify donors of charitable gifts. These charitable contributions should be discussed with your tax or legal advisor. 

Which fund would you like to donate to; 

Veterans garden and improvements to provide nutritious food for our veterans and the community

Pavillion for our veterans; this will provide a place for other veterans and their families to have a shady place to meet and socialize. 

Substance abuse treatment

Community therapy fund; this is for those who do not have insurance or a job but can still come in for therapy and groups. 


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Board of Directors               
Denise Jensen LPC               Marylin Slade               
President                                Vice President                     


Group Therapy

Life sometimes gets in the way and even those that are strong need someone to help them work through challenges in their life. Everyone one of us faces challenges in life and we have to pick our battles and jump over hurdles to overcome the struggles we face. 

Whether you struggle with relationships, parenting styles, anxiety, depression, psychosis, self-esteem, body image or any other issue, there is hope and coming in and sitting down you can start feeling better right away and work through life’s more challenging problems. 

Take the first step towards feeling less stressed; let us help you get to a better place physically, mentally and spiritually. Feel confident that you have support behind you and your personal matters are important to solve just take the first step and call to set up an appointment.

Through the years of experience; when in therapy treating individuals using individual, couple, family or groups; we are confident that there is no problem to little or great to overcome. There is a way to address any issues and a lot of skills that can be learned and through practicing those skills your future can be more positive. 

If you’re interested in healing the emotional and physical pain, feel happier, and get more fulfilment out of your life, we’d love to work with you every step of the way. Please Contact Us Today!